Toll-free Number Application

This is a new form of communication (1800 series number) which is being widely accepted by businesses as it allows customers to reach them free of cost.

Horizon´s Toll-Free number application offers an innovative solution that can help you track business calls along with the capability to route these calls to the desired executives/ departments.

  • The toll-free number application will work in the following manner:
  • Any customer calling on your Toll-free number will be routed to a basic IVR solution and the customer would be required to choose the option he wishes to select.
  • Once an option is selected, the call gets forwarded to the respective sales personnel or operations department executives.
  • Detailed reports would be provided for the same along with the duration of the call.

Application Benefits:

  • Customers do not have to pay for calling your organization
  • Customers can call you from any telecom service provider and enjoy similar benefits
  • No need to have dedicated telephone lines & related hardware in your office
  • Enhances brand strength by addressing to customer needs in a professional way
  • Multiple departments/ executives can be set-up in the IVR solution. Hence, a one-stop contact solution for customers is developed
  • Detailed reports would be provided, based on the call flow, such as the person able to talk to your executive, which executive handled a particular call, duration of conversation, etc.

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