Leads/ Campaign Management

We at Horizon Mobitech understand the needs of an organization with a larger sales force. We do not provide a standard sales force automation solution but develop a customized solution with respect to the needs of the client organization.

At Horizon Mobitech, we have conducted various SMS, voice and WAP campaigns for a large number of clients. We understand that these campaigns are very resource intensive and hence choke up our client´s bandwidth in managing the operations.

At the same point of time, it is also critical to respond to the customer queries as soon as possible, otherwise the lead would be lost. Hence, we have in initiated this new service where we would be ready to allocate our own resources for supporting clients in conducting their campaigns.

These support services may include various critical back-end operations such as:

  • Campaign execution support
  • Leads management support
  • Email response support
  • Data Analytics support
  • Reporting support

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