Interactive Mobile-based 360° walkthrough

Horizon Mobitech Private Limited has acquired resources with huge real estate architectural rendering experiences. These professionals can develop a 3-dimensional view of any architectural structure, be it apartments, clubs, restaurants, malls, etc.

With our proven expertise in the field of mobile media, we would configure this 3-dimensional interactive walkthrough on a mobile WAP/ site and even a mobile application (Android/ iOS). With this integration, the application becomes magical and customers can have a first glimpse at the sample flat on their mobile phones. This works well on tablets as well. This is an interactive walkthrough and customer can move around based on their requirements.

Application Benefits:

  • No need to open a system for viewing the 3-dimentional layout. It would now be available on mobile phones
  • Quicker word-of-mouth spread as it can form a viral marketing campaign
  • Eye-catching Innovative technology will attract more eye-balls and hence tend to increase customer footfall.

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